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Getting Listed in the UK Mistress Directory

Guidelines for getting listed

This website is for professional UK Mistresses who mainly provide in-person domination services in well equipped premises.

Before applying for a listing, please ensure my banner is on your website, on a page that is linked to from the main navigation menu on your website. Please link my banner to


UK Mistress Directory Banner


To get listed please send the following:

  • A photo at least 400 pixels wide
  • Roughly 100 – 150 words for your listing, including the kind of premises you session in
  • The town/city you session in
  • The page of this website you would like to be listed on
  • The full address of your website
  • The location of my banner on your website

Please send to


Possible reasons for not being listed

If you aren’t listed here within a week, here are some possible reasons:

I can’t easily find my banner on your website, or you have reduced the size of my banner.

You mainly or exclusively offer distance domination and findom. This website is for Mistresses who provide in-person domination sessions.

You haven’t included all the items required for the listing. I am extremely busy and I don’t always have the time to chase people up for missing items. I do try though.

You don’t own or hire well equipped premises. If you only do outcalls, this website isn’t for you.

You are an escort who does a bit of domination on the side. I have no problem with escorts. Escorts provide a great service, I’m sure, but this website is for professional Mistresses.