West Midlands Mistresses

West Midlands Mistresses

West Midlands Mistress Pandora

West Midlands Mistress Pandora

There is little else that pleases me more than seeing a fully grown man at the end of my leash grovel at my high heels begging me to use him like the slut we both know he was born to be! I am an experienced, dominant and professional dominatrix possessing a variety of skills necessary to train the genuinely subservient male. This is who I am, not something I pretend to be for a few hours a day

If you are sincerely seeking a new reality where your true fetishistic desires and fantasies will be consensually explored, enjoyed and exploited, you just found it. I will be delighted to take full advantage of your submissive tendencies and needs and use them to fuel the pure pleasure I receive training men as my playthings.


West Midlands Mistress – Professional Disciplinarian

Birmingham Mistress

I am a strict, no-nonsense disciplinarian. And you do need discipline, don’t you?

I have a selection of whips, paddles and canes that I will use to discipline you effectively.

Discipline can be delivered from cold, or after a warm up, depending on what we have discussed in advance of the session.

Depending on your circumstances you can be heavily marked or hardly marked at all.

Your duty now is to contact me to book your discipline session


West Midlands Mistress Katerina

West Midlands Mistress Katerina

My name is Mistress Katerina. I was born in the Soviet Union very shortly before its dissolution.

I am very slender, tall (1m75), with red hair and piercing blue eyes. I love to use my appearance to put men off balance.

Do not mistake this statement for vanity. There is little I love more than the sight of a grown man whimpering naked at my feet and that sensation of power and control, which you may witness during my sessions. I use a variety of tools at my disposal to exert the highest levels of control and subservient submission.

I enjoy many things and am always open to experiments. Although the classic aspects of femdom intrigue me the most. Corporal Punishment, Slave training, Mind play, Strap-on play, Feminisation, Variety of torture techniques… the list goes on… and on… and on…

Pain is another favourite of mine. I have a collection of clamps, canes & whips and other implements that I would be delighted to use on you. I also very much enjoy CBT for more intimate and shall we say… tender? Administration of pain.


Walsall, West Midlands, UK Mistress Beth Bedlam

West Midlands UK Mistress Beth Bedlam

I have been on the scene for a while, and have experienced a wide range of kinks. I enjoy many fetishes, and it gives me great joy to learn of new ones. Im a lover of the classic femdom/BDSM.

However I am obsessed with lunatic asylums of the past, hence my name! It fascinates me, the experiences some of the people would’ve had while they were locked up at these asylums. I get excited by the old scary stories that the staff in charge, were really the only ones who were insane!

Restraint is such a lovely game to play, so are electrics and torture techniques. Playing the ‘mad doctor’ can be so pleasing; inflicting all kinds of weird and wonderful ‘cures’ and ‘therapies’ on the lunatic.

Inflicting pain, playing creative mind games and sensually dominating can be so expressive to me. I can be caring, considerate and also a sadistic bitch!

If you are looking for a Domme who is fun, kind, friendly, warped, attractive, sadistic and sensual…

..Well here I am.


West Midlands Mistress Pantera

West Midlands Mistress Pantera

I am a professional livestyle Diva and Mistress.

I seek out all those whose longing desire is to experience and enjoy pain and pleasure through the hands of a voluptuous, beautiful and powerful ebony Goddess.

I have a preference for experienced slaves who know what they want but I sometimes accept innocent newcomers. Depending on my mood.

I will guide you, just as you will need it during your journey with me.

Ultimately, however, you will definitely be my little slut who is only too willing to do my bidding.



Birmingham Mistress Eliza

Birmingham Mistress

All of my sessions are bespoke.

My resourceful, creative personality will guide you into the divergent, dichotomous domain of sensual, strict, enthralling, inspirational and at times sadistic. A fusion of kindred souls.

My instinctive need to control is inextricably linked to my natural predilection for dominance, cerebral agility and sensual seduction. I unleash my creative energy into my sessions.


Walsall Mistress Zara Fox

Walsall Mistress Zara Fox

Young, beautiful, mild to wild Mistress!

I am a tall, slender natural redheaded mistress.

At only 27 years young, don’t let age fool you.

An avid gym-goer, meaning I can crush heads like watermelons between my succulent legs.