North West UK Mistresses

North West UK Mistresses

Cheshire Mistress Victoria

Cheshire Mistress Victoria
  • Ball Busting
  • Bondage / Restraint
  • Caning
  • CBT
  • Chastity Control
  • Corporal Punishment
  • Cross Dressing / Forced Feminisation
  • Customised Scenarios
  • Denial
  • Foot / Shoe / Boot Worship
  • Face Slapping
  • Human Furniture
  • Humiliation
  • Mental Bondage
  • Mummification
  • Nipple Torture
  • Sensory Deprivation
  • Strap On
  • Tie and Tease
  • Watersports
  • Wax Play
  • Wearing of Latex / Leather / PVC
  • Whipping

I have many BDSM interests, but my passion lies within the schoolroom – so if you need strict discipline, detention and the punishment that inevitably goes with it, you should report to me immediately to be dealt with through my strict and severe management, commensurate with your wrongful conduct ….. This will include curative punishment, behaviour modification and rectification.

Ma’am will undertake sessions either in or out of school hours; miscreants will be dealt with in a calm and controlled manner, yet misdemeanours will not be taken lightly. Weekend detention is a speciality, when depraved behaviour exhibited during the week will be suitably punished according to the three “R’s” – reprimand, reprisal and release!

Preston Mistress – Miss Jasmine

Preston UK Mistress Jasmine


I am a powerful dominant with a deep fascination for the mind.

The psychological and humiliating aspects of BDSM are at the foundation of My practice.

I am unforgivingly persuasive. Manipulation and mind control is My forte. My addictive personality will capture your fragile male ego. I am a natural seductress. My beauty will drain your every rational thought. I am a powerful cocktail of sexual pleasure and sadistic pain.

Allow Me to delve deep into your mind, for that is what drives Me.

I treat each person individually and understand that each kink is very subjective and unique.

I will discover your weaknesses.

I will sadistically toy with each of your emotions.

I will subtly seduce and exploit each of your fantasies in every way possible.

I will cruelly humiliate and degrade you leaving you vulnerable in My presence.

I will then begin to piece you back together as a slave to Miss Jasmine.

Wigan Mistress Torment

Wigan UK Mistress Torment

Enter my world if you dare! I am a stunning gothic BBW Mistress, highly experienced in the world of BDSM.

The lucky slaves who serve me usually return for more. My speciality is sensual sadism – one minute you will be in raptures of lust and the next minute you will be in tortured agony. I have a sense for a slave’s limits, and will push them but also respect them.

Before your session, we will discuss your likes and dislikes, and you will need to make me aware of any medical conditions and hard limits. I have very few taboos and have pretty much seen it all, so do not be embarrassed to ask for what you want.

Liverpool Mistress Kara Krosse

Liverpool Mistress

I am a skilled and experienced lifestyle Liverpool Dominatrix & I love giving an erotic prostate massage with a very satisfying ending or JOI. I relish a first timer – let me take your virginity, you’ll never forget it.

I find facesitting particularly erotic. Mistress will take your breath away with her magnificent backside. Always clothed. I also do full weight facesitting.

Be my sissy slut – you can request to be dressed as a sissy or maid or simply just be treated like the slut you are! Maid training available once a week. Come and have some crossdressing fun with Mistress.

I enjoy orgasm control and tie & tease. Edging is a speciality of mine as well as controlled orgasms.

Toilet training sessions and watersports fun available. Watch Mistress quench your thirst or feed you caviar.

Whatever your kink or kinky leanings, Mistress will push your boundaries and you will enjoy every second of it.

Merseyside Mistress Ember Rose

UK Mistress Ember Rose

I am a 34-year-old English rose standing more than 6 foot tall in heels and will tower above most of you little men. You will be dazzled by my two best attributes – my flame red auburn hair and my perfect peach behind. My piercing blue eyes and my mischievous smile will immediately have you captivated.

Mistress is friendly, intelligent, very spontaneous, fun passionate, independent, i.e., perfect to discuss you wishes and enable me to tailor the correct content for an intense exciting session that will fully satisfy you.

But remember as soon as you enter my domain I am totally in charge and demand absolute obedience to all my instructions without argument.

My dungeon is located in the northwest between Liverpool and Manchester. However, if it is more convenient I can session with slaves in their home, hotel or online using Skype.

Lancashire Mistress  – Madame Lucinda

UK Mistress Lucinda

I look all sweetness and light wth a very naughty and infectious giggle. However! Do not let that fool you as it will be the first mistake you make.

I delight in administering corporal punishment to those who are naughty.

Sessions are done on a 1 to 1 basis only, in a facility which is well equipped and discreet.

Sessions can be done to leave no marks, limited marks or very visible marking. This will of course be clarified before a session.

I promote a Kink-aware environment to facilitate psychosexual well-being.

Lancashire Mistress  – Miss Diablo

Miss Diablo, a dominatrix from Chester. I may be young, but my expertise and experience speak for itself… over the last 3 years I have been building a space to make the deepest desires and filthiest fantasies come true. I am based in Chester where I have my own at home playroom stocked full of all the equipment and toys you could need!

Kink and bdsm is my passion, outside of being a dominatrix I am a fetish photographer and avid sex educator. My main goal in life is to help inform and teach safe practises for all to enjoy!

I love to provide a judgement free space that welcomes all to explore safely, consensually and with discretion. All levels, beginners to experienced are welcome, my favourite thing is unlocking new kinks and exploring together – I look forward to seeing you soon 😉

Preston Mistress Maggie

Preston UK Mistress Maggie

I am a mature and dominant woman catering for men in my own tasteful premises in Lancashire. My chambers are fully equipped with devices devoted to bondage, S&M and correction.

As a well practised femdom Mistress I can address your submissive fantasies with ease and I happily embrace most BDSM and fetish interests.

If you’ve never visited a Mistress and are unsure where to start I can help you gain confidence while showing you the ropes. You can rely on my expertise and guidance as I train you to meet my personal expectations.


Take a look at my photo and imagine what I might do with you.

If you came along to drool over my stocking tops would you manage to escape without taking a hard bare ass spanking for your impertinence?

Only males who are bold enough to visit get to know the outcome, but it’s a simple scenario that encompasses some or all of the following – intrigue, excitement, humiliation, sexual awareness, fear, frustration, apprehension and delight. An approach that I use in all of my sessions.

Maggie the sadistic Dominatrix also relishes meaty encounters with genuine masochists seeking their desired S&M experiences.

I take professional pride in preparing the best female domination sessions based on your needs and experience. When you arrive at my door you will always find a striking and proficient Mistress ready to greet you.

Please check out my website for a full guide to the range of sessions I provide.

Lancashire Mistress CP

Lancashire Mistress CP

Are you ready to experience intense pleasures beyond your wildest imagination?

Are you ready to have your fantasies turned into reality?

Are you ready to have your imagination and boundaries pushed by a Divine Sensual Sadist.

Meet Lancashire Mistress CP. A mature, seductive & sensual dominant woman with a sweet sadistic twist.

Her role as a experienced Dominatrix is to play with your mind, body and soul.

She will use all her feminine sensuality to capture your imagination, leaving you captivated and powerless beneath Her.

Mistress loves to feel powerful and in full control of Her prey. She will toy with you, seek out your weaknesses and use them against you, teasing and tormenting until you are begging for mercy.

In particular, she loves to tickle all areas of your body, watching you scream and squirm. A total mind fuck as you don’t know if she will touch you sensually, sadistically or tickle you mercilessly.

But there is nothing you can do when you are secured and bound tightly, other than beg for mercy!

Mistress will own every inch of your naked, quivering body. Every breath that you take will be Her’s, and under Her control.

She has many years of experience and is fully proficient in all aspects of Kink, BDSM and Bondage, therefore She is able to provide you with an ultimate experience

Mistress has a very keen interest in bondage, leaving you vulnerable, deprived of your senses, exposed, unable to move and completely at Her mercy.

Sometimes She may leave a little wriggle room to watch you squirm!

Mistress is highly skilled in combining bondage and breath play, which is done in an extremely sensual and erotic manor. This will take your mind and body to new heights and realms of ecstasy and delights, leaving you breathless and begging for more.

And YES, you WILL BEG for more.

Mistress owns Her own private dungeon which is discreet, clean and located in the North West, Lancashire.

It’s spacious, very well equipped and caters for most kinks and fetishes. You will not be disappointed:

– Heavy Duty Bondage Bench with underneath cage

– Bondage Chair

– Stocks

– Bespoke CBT Play ststion

– Suspension / Inversion Table

– Whipping / flogging posts & crosses

– Water sports throne / ass worship chair

– Spanking bench / pegging bench

– Isolation Box for humiliation, sensory Deprivation, bondage

– Glory Hole

– Fuck machines

– ESTIM electrics

– Throne / Worship area

– Leather Bondage sleep sac, straight jacket, gags, hoods

– Restraints, rope, chains, spreader bars

– and much much more!

All sessions conducted will be safe and consensual. She will assess your interests and level of play and then create a bespoke session for you.

She welcome all levels of players, in particular she loves masochists. She does not have a one size fits all approach as She understands everyone’s needs are different.

She delights in breaking in newcomers but equally enjoys experienced players who seeks the darker side of BDSM.

Types of Sessions


– Sensual or Sadistic play

– Extended Bondage

– Forced Bi

– Gimp

– Overnight stays

– Chastity key holding

Mistress requests 24hours notice with a deposit to session.

She DOES NOT like to rush and will take Time and consideration to understand your interests so She can create your bespoke session.

Mistress looks forward to your visit.

Please visit Her website for more information and how to book.

NOTE: SHE DOES NOT offer any sexual Services or Intimate Body Worship, any under age, scat, blood sports or wrestling.