East London Mistresses

East London Mistresses


East London Mistress  – Madam Esmeralda

UK Mistress Esmeralda

I am M A D A M to you.

Once I have removed all of your clothes you will kneel down at my
feet, I am going to collar you and you will submit yourself to me.
While this collar is on you are under my control and it is your duty
to please me.

I am here to make your perverted dreams come true, I will put you in a
blissful subspace like you’ve never experienced before. The subs
that I have are committed to me because of my different attitude to a
lot of other mistresses; I like to be friendly, open and honest about
everything to build a rapport and a real connection over time.
Don’t let my smiles fool you, I am very strong, dominant and
punishing. I will ask you your boundaries, I will respect them, and
then I will push them. I am a very sensual person, priding myself on
good technique and being able to read people, these are my
fundamentals. It’s my fine balance of naughty and nice that will
leave you yearning for more. I always get feedback that it’s my
wicked personality and the fact that I genuinely enjoy what I do that
makes me different.

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East London Mistress  – Mistress AE

I am a unique, creative individual with a striking look, short hair, a slim body covered in beautiful tattoos, well dressed, intelligent, intuitive, and genuine.

I am experienced in a variety of kinks, I love exploring peoples minds and bodies, and facilitating exploration and escapism through play.

With those who seek it I will unleash my dark, sadistic, innovative cruelty in ways that will push you to your limits and surprise you, but I will always be conscious of your desires and respectful of boundaries.

I offer in person sessions in East and Central London in fully equipped dungeon / play spaces.


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East London Mistress  – MX Willow Neptune

East London Mistress

I am Willow Neptune and I am a playful sadist who will make your dreams and nightmares come true simultaneously. I am queer, kink and fetish friendly as I am non binary myself and session with all genders.

My main interests include pet play, pegging, impact play and sensual fetishistic worship. I offer a full spectrum of experiences from gentle praise in a pet play orgasm control scene to cruel humiliation and discipline in a heavy caning scene.

I wish to practice shadow work with you in the form of BDSM to free you of the shame and conditioning you’ve probably been carrying your whole life. For this emotionally charged ritual style of play I feel it is only appropriate to session in a dungeon setting. My dungeon of choice is Studio 7 in Hackney.

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