South West UK Mistresses

South West UK Mistresses

Bristol Mistress Nina

Bristol Mistress Nina

My name is Nina, I’m a young stunning looking Southwest based TS Mistress

I’m based in Bristol and have use of a well equipped dungeon to see submisives who wish to please and pleasure me

I have a schoolroom where Headmistress Nina sees naughty adult schoolchildren.

Swindon Mistress Sofia

Swindon South West UK Mistress Sofia

am Mistress Sofia, a mature sensual yet Sadistic Dominatrix. I have been a Mistress for many years and have many slaves under my feet. Some have been unwilling to submit to me but none have been successful.

I can be a cold heartless bitch in fact your worse nightmare, but it wont stop you becoming devoted to me. I don’t suffer fools gladly and all men are fools.

I am at my happiest with a cane in my hand or a slave’s balls under my boots.

If you are new to the scene I am not a total ogre, you may find my maturity and appealing concept when understanding your limits, but in saying that I do expect my slaves to be pushed to their limits.

Do I have a softer side? I defy you to find it.

Bristol Mistress Hush

Bristol Mistress Hush

I will push you to your limits, but I am not cruel. I just like to observe how the male body re-acts to my stimuli. Be it pain, pleasure or denial I will push you and I expect the respect due to me. After all, your discomfort is My pleasure.

When you visit The House, you become Mine to toy with. Imaginative, I will always have a new trick or method of inflicting pain. I receive a real tingle of pleasure teasing or torturing finding it both amusing and entertaining. I am a traditional ‘old school’ sadist and enjoy screams and begging.

I am happy to see novice slaves. I enjoy seeing pre-session nerves and generating new reactions. However, I am not in the market for a personal creature. I do not session naked. Far from it. You are naked for My amusement not vice versa.

Bristol Mistress Ash

Bristol, UK Mistress Ash

Have you ever experienced the true rush of submission? Have you ever been brought to the edge of your seat over and over, awakening as a slippery, sloppy mess, begging for just one more blow? I like making you twitch, dance and sing under my care, and with so many sadistic ways to do it, who can really blame me?

By the time I’m done with you, your little prick will twitch with delight at the thought of a thorough spanking from me.

Nurse Jane – The Fetish Ward – Wiltshire

A uniquely spacious purpose built haven for any Medical Fetish enthusiast.
Here at The Fetish Ward we understand that every person has their own unique kink. That’s why we listen carefully to your chosen scenario or fantasy, because we want to get it right.

I am friendly, approachable and like to get to know my patients. The more we play, the deeper we delve, the more we evolve together. I also understand that not all patients feel the need for intensive or invasive treatment and that’s also fine. For me its about the person and their enjoyment of the sessions activities whatever they might be. If I see you’re enjoying yourself, then you can guarantee I’m certainly having fun. I like to bounce off my patients, not literally silly, but mentally and vocally, but only when its conducive with the scene.

Bristol Mistress Boudicca

Bristol Mistress Boudicca

My name is Mistress Boudicca, and I live in Westbury on Trym, Bristol and currently work in a domestic setting. I offer a full Mistress service to discerning gentlemen and ladies, throughout the South of England. Whatever your fantasy, I am able to provide you with the relief you need.

I want to show you that the world of domination can be a continuing exploration for the experienced and need not be intimidating for the novice. I enjoy exploring your fantasies. I am a “Fantasy Goddess” with an exquiste statesque silky soft and very smooth body, with an extremely sharp mind! Be assured, once met never ever forgotten!

Swindon Mistress Isabella

Swindon Mistress Isabella
Swindon UK Mistress Isabella

I am Mistress Isabella, a slim, beautiful, sensual, yet sadistic Goddess. My hair is long and naturally black with a lovely shine and My olive tanned skin is soft and silky smooth.

I am a sensual bisexual lady with cum-to-bed eyes to die for. They are so black they are like deep pools to immerse yourself in. That is of course provided you are given permission to look into My eyes. Only the best slaves and subs are given this reward!

I offer high class BDSM & fetish services from my luxury discrete premises in N Wiltshire to males, females and couples. DO not think that because I am slim and beautiful, that I cannot possibly be Dominating, strict and in charge. If you think that, that will be the biggest mistake you ever make in my presence! I don’t expect you to think. That is the worst thing you can do. Those who have been bad will be punished, those who need to be taught will learn. If you have desires to be corrected then come and learn in the delights of Corporal Punishment, Cock & Ball Torture, Ball Busting, Nipple Torture and much, much more.

There is nothing I like more than to wield the cane and whip from mild to severe. Of course if this sounds too much for you to bear, there are also much gentler ‘pursuits’ like Tie and Tease, cross dressing, forced bi with my slut slave, foot, boot and leg worship and body worship, to mention just a few. Whatever your weakness, it gives me great pleasure turning your fantasies into reality, whether you are an experienced player or a novice taking your first steps into the erotic world of BDSM, role play and fetish.

When we first meet I will discuss with you your experience and your boundaries. I will of course be in charge at all times and push those boundaries just a little. After all, you probably have a mundane and pointless existence. You will benefit from the experience of meeting a sensual and sadistic Goddess who can release those tensions and fulfil your wildest fantasies. I have a vivid imagination and enjoy the challenge that BDSM offers. I really enjoy and thrive on the many different aspects of BDSM fetish and role play. Your time with me will be fulfilling, intense and unforgettable.

The question is: “Are you worthy of my precious time?”