Manchester Mistresses

Manchester Mistresses

Manchester Mistress Nyx

Manchester Mistress Nyx

Like all relationships, over time, more trust and confidence ensues. This cuts both ways. As the BDSM relationship evolves, deeper and darker territory may be explored . Higher realms of ecstasy are achieved as you are temporarily elevated to different spheres of kinky reality.

Not everyone is a submissive or a slave. Some I refer to as ‘bottoms’ who generally enjoy the physical sensations associated with BDSM play, as opposed to the subservience and psychological aspects.. That’s fine, I’m happy to play with you too.

You should have concluded by now that I am a highly reputable Mistress. I pride myself on being a safe and sane (ish) practitioner. I do nothing without prior consent. When you visit a Dominatrix, you are essentially placing your welfare in their hands. I practise good judgment. I am told I am one of the best Manchester Mistresses.

Manchester Mistress Bryce Jones

Manchester Mistress Bryce Jones

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, your fetish and BDSM desires will be teased, taunted and elevated until you are aching for release. Finally, you are left gasping and fulfilled, shivering with satisfaction at the best adult fantasy you will ever experience with the finest UK Mistresses.

All scenarios at the Manchester dungeon are based on the three overriding principles of BDSM: Safe, Sane and Consensual. Rest assured… your fantasies are in the best of hands.

We guarantee that your visit to Manchester Mistress Bryce-Jones will be unforgettable and will turn your wildest dreams into reality.

Manchester Mistress Helena

Manchester Mistress Helena

I am a Beautiful, Sensual but cruel Dominant Manchester Mistress who has many skills learnt from some great names in the Mistress World. I am also a Lifestyle Mistress with many years life experience. As an independent British well spoken, refined in life I will train you to be the ultimate slave. You will submit to My Will following a consultation at the start of our session. I will push you in session increasing your slave training and your need to please me Mistress.

Having a training background in Psychology I practise many types of sessions, mind control and hypnosis being one of my skills employed in the Dungeon. I work in well-equipped Dungeons at all times. I have a good based knowledge on the practical side of being a good Mistress.

As a powerful and Seductive Dominatrix I work well with sissy training, makeovers and as a trained Photographer do sissy /cross dressing photo shoots. I also enjoy public Humiliation and cross-dressing outings where you will be my bitch.

Manchester Kidnap Mistress

Manchester Mistress Kidnap

Kidnap in my opinion is the ultimate in fetish, in fact a really good abduction carried out professionally has the full package of emotions to be found in Fetish / BDSM.

One of the exciting things about kidnap is you yourself can have a big input, in fact you can plan your own fate, maybe you would like more people added we can arrange anything to suit, when you put your scenario together believe me it is such a buzz , and while a kidnap session normally involves two Mistresses, you can go for a one Mistress kidnap – this is no problem.

Although 2 to 8 hours is the norm for kidnap, there are the exceptions to the rule, some scenarios can last over a long period of time, or on and off over a week.

Manchester Mistress Luci

Manchester Mistress Luci

I am Mistress Luci, a young, strict, seductive, sadistic and very sensual Dominatrix from south Manchester. I am friendly and easy to talk to but once in session I have a very mischievous and wicked side!

I have a fully equipped Chamber with every restraint and toy imaginable, all waiting for me to ensure that you are both PUNISHED AND PLEASURED!!!

I love receiving body worship but this will be governed by my boundaries and permitted only at my discretion.

Manchester Mistress – Nanny Eva

Manchester Mistress Nanny Eva

Nanny Eva is a naturally dominant lifestyle fetishist with many years experience both in her private life and professionally. She embraces the erotically bizarre. Her reputation as a role-play artisan and adept infantaliser and sissifier precedes Her.

She will reduce you to an infantile state.. a sissy.. a school boy.. an adult baby.

Forced into attire befitting your reassigned status..
Be-nappied, belittled and gagged with a dummy,
she restrains you ,
Parades you
Trains you to her whim

Manchester Mistress Eclipse

Manchester UK Mistress Eclipse

I am a witty, charismatic Mistress who enjoys a wide range of BDSM related activities.

However I do have to divulge that I particularly revere My ass being worshipped. (That is ass cheeks, not ass hole. I do not permit anything being put in ANY of My orifices).

I love the soft, wet, feel, of a tongue and lips moving their way across My soft, smooth, ass.

I feel a deep joy when My bottom is kneaded, tickled, stroked and admired. Although this is not a stipulation within My sessions it is a much appreciated exchange when clients revel as much in playing with My arse as I do in receiving their handiwork.

Face sitting and breath play with My ass are also a particular favourites of mine.

I regularly take joy in mocking My slaves, laughing at the unfortunate predicament they find themselves in when in My company.

Manchester Mistress Zara Fox

Manchester Mistress Zara Fox

Young, beautiful, mild to wild Mistress!

I am a tall, slender natural redheaded mistress.

At only 27 years young, don’t let age fool you.

An avid gym-goer, meaning I can crush heads like watermelons between my succulent legs.

themselves in when in My company.

Manchester Mistress Cornelia

If you’re looking for a mistress in the Manchester area of the UK, then look no further! Mistress Cornelia resides in the Northwest area of Manchester and has a large fully equipped dungeon. Mistress Cornelia is experienced, powerful, elegant and sophisticated. She’s one of Manchester’s most gorgeous fetish dominatrixes in Manchester, standing over 6′ in high heels.

Manchester Mistress Astrid

Manchester Mistress Astrid

Mistress Astrid is sexy, strong, dominant and ready to be served.

She expects your upmost respect and adoration.

This Mistress is evocative and powerful and she is deserving of your devotion and loyalty.

Your time spent with her will be unforgettable.

She’ll unlock the fantasies you’ve never dared to explore and she’ll leave you in awe counting the day’s and minutes until you see her again!

I am based at a well equipped dungeon in the Manchester area.