Yorkshire & The Humber Mistresses

Yorkshire & The Humber Mistresses

West Yorkshire Mistress Roxanne

West Yorkshire Mistress Roxanne

Forget fantasy. I create palpable, magnificent reality. What was previously a figment of your imagination rapidly becomes glowing, animated actuality. As your mind surrenders to Me, your body becomes enlivened. Kneel before Me

Together we will do much more than merely bring your fantasies to life. I will nourish your cravings, skilfully guiding you to new heights, which I will define and control; composing a symphony in your mind that reaches the crescendo you so desire. Become better. Become Mine

Under My control, your darkest desires emerge from the shadows, revealing a spirit that thrives in My exalted presence; fostering a trust in Me that is so complete that you will let go and be taken to new places. Experience the transcendence of Total Power Exchange


Huddersfield, Yorkshire Mistress Ella

Yorkshire Mistress Ella

Many people think BDSM is all about pain. It doesn’t have to be. It’s all about giving over control and trust to Me. Let Me show you the difference between pain and pleasurable pain, as well as the most exquisite humiliation and degradation.

I allow full Body Worship for clean, totally compliant submissives if I think you’ve earned it.

I turn fantasies into reality. I will manipulate, tease and use you for my own pleasure.

In my fully equipped Chambers, I have an excellent selection of paddles, whips, floggers, anal toys including strap on, electrics, etc.

I have a large selection of latex, PVC and leather wear with thigh length boots and very high heels.


Huddersfield Mistresses

Huddersfield Yorkshire Mistresses

Join Huddersfield Mistress Helena in her kinky wonderland of tease and torture. A natural true Dominant lady refined well cultured British Dominatrix. Explore many fantasies of mild to extreme BDSM play in her private chambers in the West Yorkshire area. Respect this blonde Goddess and seek long tem servitude at Hell’s place. Huddersfield Mistress Helena will make you want to submit as she empowers you with her beauty, height and grace. Do not fail to impress her and always speak with the uttermost respect.

Huddersfield Mistress Helena has many skills from a medical and psychological background. Let her hypnotise you into Submission, one of her many talents. Maybe you want to explore your Feminine side. At Hell’s place there is a vast wardrobe available to you, additionally Mistress has a large clothing range, so many outfits to choose from high end lingerie, fully fashioned Nylons to latex, leather or PVC.

As a very perceptive Dominatrix, with her medical and psychological experience, let her play with your mind, and let her explore her medical skills in practice on you! How could you resist. Why not let her lock you away in her Prison Cell as she walks away relentless in her high heel stiletto shoes!


Halifax, Yorkshire, UK Mistress Eliza Lou

Halifax Yorkshire Mistress Eliza Lou
Yorkshire Mistress Eliza Lou

My sessions have a natural propensity for sensual, strict and seductive prowess, accompanied by my wickedly devilish laugh.

A mix of charming enchantress and stunning beauty you will be squirming and begging to satisfy all my debauched desires.

I have fully embraced and relished in my desire to Dominate within my personal life as well as professional for many years, so you can rest assured you are in very capable hands. Our desire for BDSM & alternative kink never goes away so embrace yours, let it grow and let us embark on your journey together. My sessions are centred around the first rule of BDSM SSC safe, sane & consensual. Every session is tailored to each clients individual requirements.

I acquired my professional skills over 3 years. Training with a well known Domme whom at the time, had 25 years experience before I ventured on my own. Many years on, I’m now the very proud proprietor of The Yorkshire Fetish Box, A well equipped Dungeon located in a very private setting in the centre of Halifax.


Huddersfield Mistress Jay

Yorkshire Mistress Jay

I enjoy sensual Domination. I love humiliation, degradation, water sports, etc. I will cover absolutely every single aspect of domination except for adult baby and scat.

I have a very wide range of BDSM interests and a particular penchant for the humiliation and degradation of my slaves.

I hold dinner parties for the slaves with my Mistress friends and interaction parties.

I love my lifestyle of being a spoilt sadistic woman and controlling my own life destiny and those of my slaves.

I am based in Huddersfield and session in a very well equipped dungeon.


Goole, Yorkshire, UK Mistress Minxy

Yorkshire UK Mistress Minxy

I am a dominatrix who knows what I want and I will have it. Your focus will soon be centred on worshipping my feet as I relax in a chair, or focusing on the sound of my voice echoing of all four walls, or maybe just a simple glance from my blue eyes will have you encapsulated in my essence and powerless to disobey any of my commands.

I am an expert in the art of domination and have experience in catering for numerous fetishes.

I am quite happy relaxing as you worship my feet and I might even let you have the privilege of painting my toenails for me. Those who fail to follow my commands will feel the sting of my flogger as well as anytime that I feel like it. You will quickly realise that I demand perfection and can be very harsh in handing out discipline.

I am quite open and relaxed about discussing any needs or desires that you have so no need to be nervous or hold back. I can work wonders so long as you explain what you are looking for. As part of any session I will discuss with you what limits that you have. If you don’t know what your limits are, now would be a good time to start thinking about them….


Sheffield, UK Mistress Lola Von J

Yorkshire Mistress Lola on J

I am a mature lady from Yorkshire, who has been in the business of domination for over 22 years, 12 years of that I have been a professional domme. Now though I am going down the path of discipline.

I offer Disciplinarian, strict boss, prison punishment officer. I am fully trained in using canes, paddle, tawses. I can leave you with or without marks!

Don’t let my smile deceive you, because under that smile and charm there is sadistic lady lurking under my perfectly perfumed skin.

Don’t think that all punishment or torture is pain because it’s not!


West Yorkshire Mistress Linda

Leeds, UK Mistress Linda

I am Mistress Linda of Leeds, an elegant, sophisticated and mature Mistress with a wicked, yet sensual demeanour.

I have a wealth of experience as a Dominatrix and offer a safe and secure environment for BDSM enthusiasts.

Whether you are looking for exquisite CP, sensual T&T, severe CBT, classic OTK or a mind-blowing strap-on session you will find that I excel in most forms of Domination – I am your ultimate Domina!

Make no mistake, I am one of the UK’s most respected and adored Dominatrix and a session with myself will take you to the very edge of your pain threshold and probably beyond.

I have the skill, expertise and a powerful Dominant nature – You will do as I choose!


Huddersfield, West Yorkshire Mistress Abaddon

I am a multifaceted dominatrix who delights and excels in fulfilling fantasies while catalysing and energising the chemistry created and savoured by Mistress and slave coalescing into one. I embrace my bisexuality, so females and couples are welcome to book sessions, whether they are submissive or just kinky.

I will make use of subs/slaves and switches in very well equipped Huddersfield, West Yorkshire premises and as well as taking solo sessions I can also Double Domme with Mistress Tania. I also have a female sub who can join in sessions depending on your BDSM proclivities.

I am an expert in the psychology of submission and Female Domination, so your psychological and emotional needs are firmly encapsulated into the session. For newcomers, I can provide and enjoy a gentle introduction to BDSM and also deal harshly with the more experienced.

I have a very wide range of interests but I specialise in Strap-On play. Admit it: your ass is mine!



Huddersfield, West Yorkshire Double Domme

Do you fantasize about the honour of serving two sensual and sadistic mistresses? Then enter if you dare, the Huddersfield dungeon – the exclusive realm of Double Domme desire sessions. Here you can escape the demands of everyday life and come find solace in submission and surrender.

Experts in dual domination, Mistress Helena and Goddess Cat will fulfill your duo mistress fantasies. Our partnership is a powerful combination. Mistress Helena is 5ft 7 in her fully fashioned nylons whilst Mistress Cat 5ft 8 in her seamed stockings. Together we are both a domineering 6ft 1 in our peep toe heels and thigh high boots.




Sheffield Mistress Violator

Sheffield Yorkshire Mistress Violet

Mistress Violator is a premier Dominatrix based in Sheffield in the north of England. She welcomes respectful slaves, deviant sluts, wicked whores and naughty sissies into her domain.

Mistress Violator (or simply ‘The Violator’, as she is often known) considers herself very fortunate; she has slaves worshipping at her feet, responding to her each and every command, willing to take pain, punishment and humiliation for her pleasure each and every day. She utterly adores her work!

Even so, she is almost insatiable in her lust for power and dominance and is always in need of fresh slaves for her entertainment. She craves new willing subjects to offer her new challenges and complement her host of loyal devotees – the question is, are you ready to serve The Violator?

If so, call 07511 095125 and…

…prepare to be violated!