North London Mistresses

North London Mistresses


North London Mistress Sapphire

London Mistress Sapphire

London Mistress Sapphire is a mature, skilled and experienced Mistress. Her manner is extremely dominant and controlling without ever being cold or harsh.

UK Mistress Sapphire does not make idle threats. She rarely raise her voice, but on the occasions when she has to do so, this is always followed by the raising of her right arm!

As a Dominatrix, UK Mistress Sapphire of London understands and enjoys both the psychological and physical aspects of BDSM.

Mistress loves the traditional images of strict control and severe correction.

North London Mistress Alexia

London Mistress Alexia

I’m Mistress Alexia, I live in London, I hail from Colombia; a sensitive woman, loving but at the same time dominant, controlling and above all honest. I’m very clear about the things I say, I don’t like wasting time.

I am a woman with a purpose from an early age; even without knowing the world of BDSM I already knew what I liked and what attracted me, always enjoying myself and ensuring that the other person did too.

I believe that the submissive is more than just that label, he is a person who seeks a hand to help him make a change in his life; I help him discover other paths, other worlds, other goals. Everyone is different and each has their own goals.

A submissive is capable of much more than the limits they may have in mind, I just think that you need a good guide and the passage of time to expand your boundaries, which also has positive consequences in everyday life.

North London Mistress Lady Scarlett

London Mistress Lady Scarlett

Strong. Confident. Self Assured. Educated and well spoken with a fantastic sense of humour. Looks that suggest butter wouldn’t melt, but granny always said I was a wrong un.

I was born to dominate and have men submit to my will. From a very early age I took every opportunity possible to show the boys who was boss. As I grew older I learned that to have a person hand over control to me is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

My dominance is not a game or something just for the bedroom. There is no on or off switch, it is an inherent personality trait which drives my approach to all aspects of my life.

My sessions are not play or pretend. They are a training ground to craft a better you. To mould you into the best you can be and the best at serving and pleasing me. Allowing you to acknowledge and submit to my natural feminine superiority.

North London Mistress Olivia

London Mistress Olivia

The world of fetish and BDSM has been my lifestyle and passion for many years.

I am a creative, imaginative Mistress who welcomes the new and experienced player as well as the unusual and both the heavier and more sensual scene.

My beautiful dungeon, chambers and clinical facilities cater for an array of wide ranging fetish and fantasy, in addition, I am well known for my medical speciality.