East UK Mistresses

East UK Mistresses

Norwich, Norfolk Mistress – Madame Athlaina

Norwich, Norfolk Mistress Madame Athlaina

Madame Athlaina means the Goddess of Beauty and Strength

To be My slave and to be in My presence is an honour which My slaves MUST never forget.

When you see Me you will see a beautiful, athletic, sexy and professional dominatrix. But do not be fooled by My slender physique, as My body is extremely powerful and strong. My athletic, strong body means that I have the physical strength to handle My slaves in anyway I wish.

My beauty and femininity is alluring and infectious, which means one look and My slaves are easily entranced and under My spell. My long golden blonde hair and My firm blue eyes, make My slaves tremble with a mixture of excitement and fear.

I have a wicked sense of fun and adventure, which means I like to seek out new and exciting games, both mental and physical. So I expect My slaves to be the same, and join in with My crazy ideas of fun and pleasure.

My slaves soon realize just how clever I am. They also soon realize that there are two sides to Madame Athlaina. I am always firm, but always fair (and that is My version of fair).

I have a slightly softer, kinder side to My nature. And when My slaves do as I instruct them and serve Me well, then there is a high possibility that they will see this kinder side. I only reward My slaves well when they deserve it. However, when My slaves are slack, disobedient (which happens very rarely), do not serve Me correctly or to My high standards, then they are very likely to experience the sadistic, lethal and brutal side to My character. Remember, My slave’s pain is My pleasure!


Spalding, Lincolnshire, UK Mistress Penny Leathers

Lincolnshire UK Mistress Penny Leathers

If you’ve always fantasized about being tied up and spanked by a luscious Domme dressed up in a corset pulled tightly around her body, skin tight, figure hugging trousers and long leather high heeled boots…… then make it a reality. Let me know what you’re hoping to get out of the experience. I can guarantee you an extremely pleasurable time.

If you’re a sub then you might want to check out my dominating style and imagine all the tingles you’ll get with just a few good spanks. Prep up for a night (or day) to remember! That woman you’ve been dreaming about. The one with a steel gaze and a firm grasp is me.


Basildon Mistress Violet

Beccles, Suffolk Mistress Lucy Locker

I am a Strict lifestyle & Professional Mistress. I take a no nonsense attitude with my subs, and expect total obedience!

I love administering strict discipline by cane, whip, or even my hand. I particularly enjoy Roleplay and Humiliation., and am very creative when it comes to planning a scene.

I am approachable, fun, fair but can be cruel, sadistic and strict! I am a curvy, all natural Mistress, with nearly 20 years experience in the scene. If you are a newcomer or first timer, I welcome you and will get great pleasure from helping you on your journey!

I have a fully equipped Playroom in my private home and can cater for any scene.