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UK Mistress - Medical Mistress of Staines, Middlesex, London



I can be gentle and sensuous with those just beginning to explore the realm of medical fetish, or I can cater for more extreme sessions for experienced players and masochists. A multitude of treatments and procedures to transport you deep into subspace. Your innermost body cavities invaded by my probing fingers and instruments. Total control of your mind and body. Trust and submission at its ultimate height.

I have a fully equipped white room with a motorised genuine medical gynaecological chair which can be adjusted to many positions from upright to fully horizontal. I will bind you to it tightly with ropes, collar and cuffs so you are powerless to resist My ministrations.

I love dressing up as a the evil nurse of your most perfervid dreams (or nightmares!). I have a strong fetish for rubber; I have many nurses' uniforms in both pvc and rubber and a genuine World War II white doctor's coat.


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