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UK Mistress Maggie of Preston, Lancashire


I am a mature and dominant woman catering for men in my own tasteful premises in Lancashire. My chambers are fully equipped with devices devoted to bondage, S&M and correction.

As a well practised femdom Mistress I can address your submissive fantasies with ease and I happily embrace most BDSM and fetish interests.

If you've never visited a Mistress and are unsure where to start I can help you gain confidence while showing you the ropes. You can rely on my expertise and guidance as I train you to meet my personal expectations.


Take a look at my photo and imagine what I might do with you.

If you came along to drool over my stocking tops would you manage to escape without taking a hard bare ass spanking for your impertinence?

Only males who are bold enough to visit get to know the outcome, but it's a simple scenario that encompasses some or all of the following - intrigue, excitement, humiliation, sexual awareness, fear, frustration, apprehension and delight. An approach that I use in all of my sessions.

Maggie the sadistic Dominatrix also relishes meaty encounters with genuine masochists seeking their desired S&M experiences.

I take professional pride in preparing the best female domination sessions based on your needs and experience. When you arrive at my door you will always find a striking and proficient Mistress ready to greet you.

Please check out my website for a full guide to the range of sessions I provide.

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